Brand/Product Strategy review

With 25 years + experience in the industry we know our sectors, products, channels, margins & positioning for gardening.  You may be new to the gardening market and want to get the inside info quick or have a product or brand that needs outside review and invigoration.

What we are great at is …


  • Looking objectively at your idea, product or brand, but with the passion to really get to its heart
  • Asking the right questions and working with you to reach the answers
  • Taking you on a journey through the industry so that you become an expert without the normal “learning experiences” on the way
  • Develop a menu of options for you to decide upon (with back up data and explanation)
  • Put you in contact with the right people to get your idea moving

“Encapsulating your central product or idea within a precise cocoon of knowledge and experience …

….. So that you can make informed decisions”