Fertiliser Formulations

At the heart of gardens are plants and part of the way we care and nurture them is by feeding them.  We have the experience under our belts to  help with  plant foods and fertilisers in their many guises.  What we can do includes (but is not limited to!) …

  • Creating new formulations to meet a specific need
  • Powders, liquids and granulars
  • Re engineering an existing formulation to  reduce cost, improve  performance or production
  • Formulating to achieve minimum declaration values for specific markets
  • Additives to enhance the way a product works or enable pack claims
  • Write fertiliser declarations for any country in the world  (Compound or EU fertiliser)
  • Produce pack instructions, copy and  claims
  • Solve production issues related to  blending, packing and production

 In essence, if it feeds plants we can make it happen for you!