Food based events

Barbecuing and other live food based experiences  are an integrated part of gardening life.  So it’s no surprise that our portfolio includes this dynamic sector.  No more so now when the culinary media is overflowing with offerings.  We have run many live bbqing event and love to inject our fun ethos into every moment of the day

What gets our juices flowing is …..


  • Taking your brief of what you want us to achieve at these events
  • Suggest various options of style, location, menus, equipment, handouts and promotions
  • Agree a final format and then organise all the events so that you only have to check up on the evaluation afterwards
  • Finding motivated, enthusiastic demonstrators from our  (hygiene certificated)  UK and ROI team
  • Full logistical support  (eg. you send marketing materials to our location .. we do the rest)
  • Being one of the demonstrators ourselves so that we can see how they are working first hand and amend in real time at multiple locations
  • Qualitative, quantitative and photographic   records and written evaluation report of the event(s)

“Converting sizzle to sale, in a magical aroma filled day”