Out of Hours Helpline

You have a range of gardening products,  on the pack is  helpline number  but consumers today want to speak to you now and not 9 to 5 office hours.  So how do you ensure that there is appropriate knowledgeable cover available  24/7  just in case of those little emergencies .

What we can do includes (but is not limited to!) …..

  • Cover available for agreed flexible hours (can be up to 24/7)
  • All staff who answer emergency calls out of hours are first aid trained and certified
  • All product information and msds’ held electronically and available at any time wherever  the call is answered
  • Automatic routing of land line calls to ranked mobile numbers  during unusual call periods
  • Recording of all calls,  timing , caller and product details, subject matter and outcomes.  Call recording is also available
  • Interpretation of msds wording in relation to the garden and the consumer biased nature of the majority of calls


“Help for your consumers when they need it,  peace of mind for you that in an emergency your products are covered as well as your legislative requirement to do so!”