Product Development

One of the best (and most fun) ways for your company to grow is to innovate.  We love the whole process of innovation  and have a great background in product development (guess who formulated Phostrogen Plant Food ?)

We liken the process to pouring sand through an hourglass timer ..

“all the inputs are fed into the top  and the finished product comes out the bottom.  The secret  to success is handling the choke point in the middle where many such projects fail .  By definition  the choke points are unknown ,(otherwise one would have managed them!)”  ….  We specialise in helping all those grains of sand down to the bottom line

What we can do includes (but is not limited to!)  …

Free of charge initial meeting and overall advice

  • Simple and clear  secrecy agreements and IP protection for yourselves
  • Working to a clear qualitative and quantitative brief from you (and advice on how to get the best from us with this brief)
  • Creative and productive collaborative working to develop your initial ideas into trial formulations or prototypes
  • Appropriate trials and testing (see Product Trials) to enable proving and  amendment
  •  Help with Intellectual Property rights including trade marks
  • Continuous reporting and documentation to enable accurate decision making and stakeholder involvement
  • Advice on positioning, competition and marketing of the innovation


New products out of hat … with help at every stage!