Product Guides

Most of the fantastic people that work in your stores have had no formal training in horticulture or gardening.  We know that a lot of knowledge just infuses but it is unreasonable to expect it all to remain lodged in memory!  That’s where mini product guides come in.  Small formatted, packed with useful information, hints and tips, these little A5 booklets can be carried around in store and referred to (without embarrassment) when advising customers.  We have created many of these store specific pocket guides which really can provide a backbone of knowledge for your colleagues in store

What we are experts in is …


  • Creating, designing and populating  store staff pocket guides for specific sectors
  • Ensuring that we use your store vocabulary so that everyone “Gets it”
  • Researching all your products and where necessary dealing directly with the branded supplier
  • Setting it out so that it is easy to refer to and in a logical order
  • Including the top 20 FAQ’s that they will hear
  • Adding in the vital hints and tips so that your customers succeed and buy into the whole project
  • Create within your brand guidelines, using the right fonts, imagery and paper to match your portfolio
  • Print and delivery within your time expectations


“Just let me check the facts in my pocket guide … So I can be sure I am giving you the right advice”