Trade Shows

With 25 years + experience in the industry we have attended at, manned, designed, built and successfully run many stands at trade shows.  The secret is always to have interaction on your stand and to get product into potential customers hands as soon as possible

What we love to do is …..


  • Work with you from concepts to final design on your presence at a show, what your objectives are and how they are going to be achieved
  • Manage all the logistics, booking, delivery, build and breakdown
  • Help to man the stand with those objectives constantly in mind
  • Develop unusual and unique ways to get customers thinking how they could use/sell your innovation
  • Make loads of contacts for you, ensure they have the essence of your proposal and capture that information in a format that you can exploit to the full

“Taking the essence of you and your products and using the trade show environment to bring it alive in a compelling way”