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We carry insurance to ensure that we meet our legal obligations and to ensure that you can have confidence in us.  We carry the following insurance ….

  • Professional Indemnity £1million
  • Public Liability £5million
  • Employers Liability £10 million

Our chosen charity

As you might expect, in naming ourselves Garden Ethos we want to be  as ethical as possible, because that’s who we are!  So in our many discussions over glasses of wine we agreed that we wanted to build support for a chosen charity into everything we do.  So we have chosen TREE AID to work with and donate to.  Our intention is to donate to Tree Aid on the basis of our turnover starting off with 1% in year one, 2% in year two  until we reach 5%.  We have been supporters of Tree Aid for many years.  It’s a very practical organisation that encourages sustainability in the  Sahel regions of Africa by sponsoring trees, planting andmanagement for whole communities

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Business Mentoring

We have started working with Business Wales Mentoring to help up and coming businesses in our area.  We are passionate about what we do, the fun we have and the professionalism we impart and so its just a small step further to want to pass it on to others

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