Our Ethos

Why call ourselves Garden Ethos?  It’s simple really

As a company  we specialise in the Garden & Leisure Industry of the United Kingdom and Ireland …  hence “Garden”.

Ethos perhaps takes a little explaining ….  If you trawl the dictionaries  you get  “the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations”.  We believe that, at the heart of a business (especially ours) lies the attitude or culture of those running it.  After that, how it is defined, maintained and nurtured comes the “Ethos”,  our characteristic spirit that we know is the real reason that you do business with us… Or may want to in the future!!

So what is our ethos,  you could argue that to attempt to define it devalues it,  but in this segment of our website we want you to come away understanding our goals, what we stand for and how we try to go out and achieve it

A mission statement? …  certainly  not, far too corporate, a series of sentences that attempts to depersonalise what one does.  We call it our Grand Plan and we have spent many an evening over a glass of wine debating, scribbling and editing, so here goes:


To bring  passion and excitement to our great  gardening industry,
working with individuals, to bring their companies aspirations to life


Our Ethos (the short version, so that you might just read it)

  • Put people and personalities at the heart of everything we do
  • Build long lasting relationships with individuals and customers
  • Add humour and zest to all our projects  (it reflects the nature of gardening and how we approach it)
  • Always do what we say we will do
  • Anticipate our customers needs and wherever possible take on all the hard work (so that you are just left with the kudos)
  • Be people that you can trust with your ideas, ideals and IP!
  • Work with great associates so that we can spread the fun about and at the same time work with our larger customers
  • Have so much fun within our professionalism that it never seems like work