Agency Staff training

You may have planned your campaign for the coming season and decided upon which agency you will be using to carry out your “in store” events.   The challenge is to get that team prepared with enough knowledge, hints, tips and techniques to get  them demonstrating and selling with passion.  We love to show people how to just that!

  • A one day event at location(s) to suit the team and your campaign area
  • A great facilitator to glue the whole day together
  • All logistics such as  venues, refreshments, samples, props and materials organised and supplied
  • Full design of the day and training materials to ensure that all their needs are met
  • Interactive days that give your agency staff a real feel for working in a gardening environment
  • Key learnings in a take home format that agency staff can use to template their days
  • Follow up visits in store (if necessary) to evaluate training and to learn and share real experiences

Get the whole team together, fill them up, fire them up and send them out  ready and willing