Demonstration Techniques

Sometimes the best people to carry out training are those within your organisation and those that have only recently learned the subject in question.  Inviting key members of your team on such a workshop  confirms that they have expertise and skills that you would like passed on.  It’s just a matter of gentle moulding to ensure that your internal trainers can really carry it off

We love to show people how to …..

  • Ensure that our standard “How to Train” workshops encompass the products, knowledge and techniques that make sense for your business
  • can cover the whole subject in one day (though we find that two days is about right)
  • use gentle practice techniques that do not put attendees off (No Role Play!!)
  • ask attendees to use personal skills they are comfortable  to practice with
  • really like each attendee to find their own style.  We are all different and should celebrate that
  • give them great documented resources to go away with that they can use as templates for their own sessions

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