Product Knowledge

Converting technical information and brand values into engaging hands on product knowledge workshops is what we live and breath.   Its all about having enough background knowledge, real experience  and the confidence to talk to customers  at the fixture,  we  make that happen

We specialise in bespoke workshops that …..

  • Deliver real benefits to your store staff which converts directly to sales and increased ATV
  • Are interactive, based on learning by doing and engage with products and each other
  • Are individually designed to fit either your brand or stores needs (there is no .. one size fits all)
  • Can often be co funded (or sponsored) by a combination of brands in your sector
  • Are continually focussed on how attendees will be able to use learnings  on the shop floor
  • Can take place in a training room, on the shop floor or at external venues where there are real gardens to play with
  • Allow for individual interaction with our very experienced trainers (we try not to go above 25 attendees per workshop)

Your store staff, topped up with knowledge (just enough), experience and incredible enthusiasm to advise and sell