Soft Skills

Motivating store colleagues to truly engage with consumers is  the pot at the end of many a store managers rainbow.  We all like to think that our sector  is special but gardening consumers really do think in a different way.  So it makes sense that your store staff really are tuned into that way of thinking along with  their enthusiasm and being themselves.

We specialise in bespoke workshops that …..

  • Deliver real benefits that deliver sales and increased ATV
  • Tap into your company culture  so that everyone has the same approach (whilst remaining an individual)
  • Are fun to deliver, massively interactive and  bring real benefits to attendees  .. And their victims (customers sorry)
  • Cover such diverse subjects as  active selling, complaint management and  project advice
  • Ideally are delivered economically in store to small groups using the store environment as a training room
  • Are truly motivating to those attending (because it’s in their language using garden products as the subject matter)

Getting your store or garden centre staff to attend together really results in big changes  …The challenge will be  whether you can manage their new expectations (of themselves or the store!)