A moving image tells so much more than a picture (plus a thousand words) .  When it comes to consumer choice and information the eyes have it!  You may want to embed video onto your website or include as part of your “brochure” via a Youtube link.  What we love doing is ….

  • Working to a broad brief of what you want and overlaying our enthusiasm and knowledge of how consumers view garden products
  • Producing a storyboard that really  captures your objectives  and meets the viewers needs for information and entertainment
  • Sourcing locations, “real people” actors and props to provide the  content for  your  product or brand video
  • Filming in HD and using multiple  go pro’s (mini cameras) to capture all angles economically
  • Hands on direction and production  (we work with a great  TV camera  biz to ensure the highest quality)
  • Editing to any level and including graphics and effects
  • Voiceover  sourcing and  recording
  • Outputting in whatever format or style that you need

Video shorties with a gardening sparkle and  achieved within the tiniest of budgets!

Here is an example of what we can do  How to use roundup