Technical Helpline

Us gardeners are a chatty bunch and we DO contact manufacturers and brand owners to get advice.  Most of the  time you can cover that internally (and quite right too)  but now and again, having that bit of extra cover makes all the difference.  Especially now that large retail customers are asking you if you can provide Saturday cover .. or more. What we can do includes (but is not limited to!)

  • Answering queries on an overflow or  busy period basis
  • Answering  queries via any media type, be it phone, email, website query panel, Facebook page, twitter or even letters (which  continue to be a favourite)
  • Queries answered by a keen knowledgeable gardener that knows your products and the garden  market
  • All responses logged and  either fed back or available on line for review and data purposes
  • Continuous updating on your current (and past) product range


“A  consumer advice team that matches the volume of queries arriving across your desk”